Ishani Lamleh of Wamil Ajendra

Ishani is born in France, on the 18/07/2013 and was bred by Gauthier Lequain & Sylvain Cuvillier.... 

She is a wonderful girl, always happy, very social, everybody's friend, children, adult, dog, cat.... Her mummy is the beautiful Di-ki Lamleh of Wamil Ajendra and her father is Falak Lhun-Po aka Sonam bred by Ljiljana Vlašić Maršić owned by Gauthier Lequain & Thea Koster.

Tested: Ncl & LL clear by partentage
            PRA3 & PRArcd4 clear 38cm

Ishani 1 year old

Ishani 14 months old